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Draycotts Pest Control delivers a reliable and professional rodent control service within the Nottinghamshire area.

Its important you deal with you Rat or Mouse problem in an effective manner. Rats and Mice have become well adapted to living in close to us. They can survive in most conditions and easily squeeze through tiny gaps, causing damage and contamination of food, chewed cabling and pipes, and devastate property. More importantly, they can be a serious threat to health due to their ability to spread diseases.



Rats continually need to gnaw to ensure their constantly growing teeth are worn down. By doing this they can be the cause house fires and floods through chewing electrical airing and pipe work. Rats can also cause unrecoverable damage to processions and foodstuffs. Therefore it is important if you have a rat issue, you seek a professional like Draycotts Pest Control to quickly get on top of and solve your issue.



Like Rats, Mice can cause great damage and contamination to foodstuffs, possessions and your property. They can also breed quickly and if not dealt with early, Mice can soon get into the 000’s.



Draycotts Pest Control are experienced and trained in dealing with your rodent issue using the latest techniques and treatment methods. The treatment process will generally be decided upon seeing the problem first to determine the most appropriate method of control for the situation.

In our experience most rodent problems can be solved within three visits, either by trapping or the use of professional use poisons, and this is generally the service that we provide. There may also be some advised proofing works that may need to be undertaken to solve the issue. We will advise this and either allow you to do the works yourself or offer the service separate to treatment.

We fully understand that living or working with a rat or mouse issue can be a major cause of concern. So if you have a Rat or Mouse infestation then we’d seriously recommend hiring the services of a professional pest control company such as us.

Contact us now on 07899 662562 or email info@draycottspestcontrol.co.uk to discuss and arrange an affordable and effective resolution.

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