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Draycotts Pest Control delivers a reliable and professional service for a variety of insect pests that invades homes and businesses within the Nottinghamshire area:



There are a variety of ant species in the UK, but the most common ant that invades our houses is the Black Garden Ant. During the spring and summer months these ants can come from the garden or neighbouring properties, and enter your house in large numbers. These nuisance pests can be easily dealt with through the use of professional-use insecticides by trained professionals such as Draycotts Pest Control.



Bed Bugs are the UK’s fastest growing pest in homes and hotels across the country. The increase in cases is due to a number of reasons such as; increased travel, second-hand furniture, and increased resistance to insecticides. These little bugs will reside within your property solely feeding on your or your family, causing distressing and irritating bites. Draycotts specialise in Bed Bug control and have the technical knowledge and access to a range of professional use products and equipment to solve any Bed Bug issue, no matter how big it is. Although all properties can vary, our standard treatment solves most issues, and consists of 3 visits – 2 insecticidal sprays and monitoring visit.



There are various types of pest beetles, many of which can damage your property and causing a health risk. These include; Carpet Beetle, Biscuit Beetle, Larder Beetles, and many more. Draycotts Pest Control has the expertise to identify, treat and remove any Beetle problem you may have. Generally we provide a one off spray treatment using a professional-use insecticide which will solve your problem.



There are over 200 types of Bees in the UK, some of which endangered. However, Bees are not “protected” can professional pest controllers such as Draycotts Pest Control can treat and remove Bees if they have the potential to cause harm to public health. If you are genuinely at risk from Bees on your property, then please contact us to assist and undertake a professional and safe treatment.



Cockroaches can be a real danger to public health and are responsible for the spread of a number of diseases including dysentery and gastroenteritis. Cockroaches can also cause businesses to close down, and be immensely stressful when in the home. They will feed on almost anything such as rotten animals, droppings and food meant for human consumption, therefore it’s important if you have a Cockroach problem that you deal with it effectively and quickly. Draycotts Pest Control can offer a Cockroach control treatment programme, to help eradicate your problem fully.



Fleas can be found in any type of premises and are usually associated with pet cats and dogs. However they don’t only bite your pets, they can also be distressing by causing irritating bites to ankles and any other exposed skin. We strongly advise pets are treated with veterinary products before seeking a pest controller. Draycotts Pest Control can offer a Flea control treatment programme, to help eradicate your problem.



Flies can be a major pest around businesses and homes, and can quickly grow to large numbers. There are a large variety of different fly species in the UK, the most common being Cluster Flies, House Fly, Blow Flies, and Mosquitoes. All species of fly have the ability to transmit disease such as Salmonella, Dysentery, Tuberculosis and Cholera. Some flies can also bite that can be distressing and painful. Flies can be difficult to solve and may require multiple treatments using a variety of sprayed and fogged insecticidal products, and traps.



There are various types of pest Moths, many of which can damage your property and causing a health risk. These include; Clothes Moth, Brown House Moth, Case Bearing Clothes Moth and Warehouse Moth to name a few… Draycotts Pest Control has the expertise to identify, treat and remove any Moth problem you may have. Moths can be difficult to solve and may require multiple treatments using a variety of sprayed and fogged insecticidal products.



Summers most abundant pest, Wasps are highly feared and aggressive pests that habitat at our homes and workplace. Even when unprovoked, wasps can attack is annoyed or feel threatened, stinging any human target in the vicinity. For some people a wasp sting can be very dangerous, as some people react violently sending them to hospital, or in extreme circumstances causing death. Draycotts Pest Control provides a quick, affordable and guaranteed wasp control treatment. For all wasp treatments we use a professional use and quick acting insecticide, and endeavour to come out and see you the very same day you called. Contact us now to remove your wasps.



Not sure what pest you might have? Don’t worry, Draycotts Pest Control can come out to view your issue and identify your pest problem. Once identified we can offer a treatment solution and advise on what do to. Contact us now to help solve your mystery pest problem.


We fully understand that living or working with a pest problem can be a major cause of concern. So if you have an insect infestation then we’d seriously recommend hiring the services of a professional pest control company such as us.

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