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All Domestic & Commercial Pest Control undertaken

Draycotts Pest Control is a friendly and approachable pest control business serving both residential and commercial properties in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. We specialise in the control of rats, mice, squirrels, rabbits, wasps and all other rodents, mammals and insects. We also offer a bird control service.

Fully trained by BPCA with a RSPH Level 2 Award in Pest Management, Draycotts Pest Control is a member of the National Pest Technicians Association. We offer a professional service and can be at your property on the same day if required.

As well as eradicating pests we also provide advice on how to deter them returning to your property. We will also look to offer the most environmentally friendly options available.

Both one off visits and contracts are available. There is no call out charge and quotes are given after a site visit to establish the problem and treatment options have been talked through. Draycotts Pest Control use unmarked vehicles for discreet visits, treatments and any follow up calls where required.

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If you would like to find out more or to arrange for a free site survey please email info@draycottspestcontrol.co.uk or call 07899 662562.

Focus on Wasps

  • These are well known black-and- yellow banded insects, with workers measuring around 15mm long
  • Along with Ants & Bees they are known as social insects because they live in nests and have a social structure
  • There are several different species. Some such as the Common Wasp & German Wasp will nest in cavities in roof voids, garden sheds, compost heaps, hollow trees & mole holes
  • The nest will be made from chewed dead wood & only last for one year, built in spring vacated in autumn
  • They are useful in control of caterpillars & other insect pests. This is often forgotten because of the problems they cause in and around residential & commercial areas
  • The Wasp can be very aggressive with a sting which can be very painful, in the UK around 2-4 people die of Wasp  sting related injuries

Ethical Approach

Non chemical control can be the reduction of food waste around food preparation sites & manufacturing areas.
These could also be proofed to prevent the wasp ingress. Wasp traps can also be used to catch & reduce the number Of workers, these should be placed away from sensitive premises.

Chemical Control

If the nest is located & it is safe to do so it should be treated with insecticide to destroy the nest. Insecticide dust is applied to the nest entrance or the nest. Residual spray or wasp nest destroyer could also be used.
Appropriate PPE MUST be worn at all times to avoid being stung